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Your Guarantee for

Originality - Creativity - Quality!



Our creativity is an addiction that no therapy can erase from our system and we will not have enough until we have put a smile on your face!

Our first and foremost intention is to be original in every project and we are very allergic to copy-paste!

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What Our Clients Say!

Colourchat Grafix has been our service providers in the design and advertising areas of our organization and we have had a very professional relationship which has benefitted our growth immensely. These guys are the people to talk to if you are looking for creativity and peace of mind!

Long Live Colourchat!

- Farm Concern International, Nairobi

Like well-aged wine will leave a lasting sweet sensation on the tastebuds, our experience will give you a pleasant feeling of satisfaction!


Our Vision


'The future belongs to those who believe

in the beauty of their dreams'


We focus on being the leading design firm that will serve all who desire to realize that dream through their corporate image.

Our Mission


To be a masterpiece in offering best solutions to the image and visibility of any company, organization or institution by injecting the greatest creativity, to the utmost client satisfaction and at the most reasonable cost.

Core Values


- Putting client interest first.

- Zero tolerance to corruption.

­- Honesty in charges & quality promised.

­- Transparency in all we undertake to do.

- Respect for all people and laws.